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Whether you are a private or not-for-profit organization, we understand that your number one priority is usually increasing profit or raising money. Attracting new customers (or donors) and cultivating and retaining the ones you already have is a full-time job.

A good marketing and communications strategy - from planning to execution - can help you grow your business and enhance your reputation. We can help shape:

- how you interact with people
- how people perceive you
- what people are saying about you

You may have a few questions like:

• Is social media important to my organization's growth?

• How do I attract media attention?

• How do I create a consistent brand and identity?

• Aren't marketing and communications only for companies with big

We're here to help you answer these questions and many more. And if we can't, we'll point you in the right direction.

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Some of our (incredible) clients

Brookfield Homes
Projects: Branded entertainment (video)

Crowfoot Wine & Spirits
Social media consulting and strategy

Elevated HR
Project: Social media consulting and community management

Sheila Kernan (Artist)
Website updates and maintenance

St. Mary's University College
Projects: Graphic design (special event marketing materials and donor newsletter)

Westcott Country Kitchen
Project: Logo creation



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